Will you face your dreads?

Bloodcurdling history, a series of challenges and puzzles, the darkness and the constant feeling of being watched ...

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Book Visit Online

To take part in our game, book your visit on the selected day and time. The sooner you book your visit, the better and more likely you will still have free hours you are interested in. Reservations can be made via the form on the website, email, facebook and calling us
+48 729 981 999

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Horror House & Escape Room

Are you not moved by horror movies? Choose our Horror House and take part in one of them. Check yourself what it is like to witness scenes that are simply out of a nightmare. Choose our Escape Room and find out if you will overcome your weaknesses when your nightmares alternate with reality.

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Solve the Puzzles

Watch out! Every step brings you closer to discover dim secret and fathoms in terrifying and shocking story. Between you and your friends, and safe way out will be waiting a series of puzzles and challenges. Only keeping cool and teamwork can help you get out of our haunted house but remember...
time is your enemy here.


For whom?

For everyone! For a bunch of friends looking for adventure. For families wishing to spice up a weekend walk in the park. For co-workers - bite back and invite your boss!

Friends and Family
14 - 99 y/o